Parkfields Community Centre

This Community Centre has been running for 50 years, serving the local people of Mold in north Wales.  It opens every day each week, offering a variety of classes and sessions aimed at meeting local need.  These include a community café, foodbank, yoga, kids clubs and activities, English and Maths lessons and crafts.  It also runs health sessions including physio, cardiac services and counselling. The Centre carried out a consultation locally recently that determined there was a need for additional support and activities for the elderly. Many older people had stated they felt lonely and isolated and there was little available specific to their needs.

£3,536 was granted to Parkfields at the October 2023 meeting.  This funding is contributing towards the salary of a new part-time role of Community Connector, who will develop projects specifically towards older people.  Part of this will be to set the Centre up as a warm hub for those struggling with the high costs of keeping their homes heated. It was also include establishing a befriending service for older people who are house-bound, and running social sessions such as gentle exercise, arts and crafts, and games.  The anticipation is that more than 250 older people will benefit over the year.