Lincolnshire Traveller Initiative

This charity states it is committed to creating opportunities, community cohesion and positive futures for Lincolnshire’s Traveller communities.  It aims to empower families and provide tailored services to meet their needs.  It supports the Traveller community across the county of Lincolnshire, running various projects and schemes. The work is split into four main areas – these are an advocacy project assisting people with other services and offering support at meetings etc; an education project via a mobile classroom that regularly visits sites across the area; an employability scheme offering support with training and developing skills; and a health initiative that aims to improve health and wellbeing.

At the February 2023 meeting, the Allen Lane Foundation has offered a £10,000 single grant for the employability programme.  The charity aims to work with at least 25 individuals on a fairly in-depth level over the year, helping each person to identify their strengths and create individual personalised career plans.  This will involve specific training and support aimed at raising their employment prospects, and support with writing CVs, help looking for jobs and making job applications.  Intended outcomes from the programme are that all participants will feel more confident about gaining employment; they will have increased skills and qualifications; and at least 30% will be support into employment within the period.