Information For Grant-holders

Applying again?

If you have received a grant from the Foundation previously, you must wait a year following the end of the grant period before applying again.

If your application has been refused, we ask that you leave a 12-month gap before applying again.

Offered a grant?

Once you have been offered a grant from us, we will write and tell you what the process is. We ask that you complete and return to us a simple Terms and Conditions form. Once this is received, we will arrange for the grant to be paid into your account via a bank transfer.

We ask that you keep us up-to-date on any significant happenings or changes, to either the project we are contributing towards, or the organisation as a whole.  If you are facing difficulties or uncertainties relating to the recent Coronavirus outbreak please contact us.

Please email Gill or Tim – we are currently working part-time away from the office.

It is also useful to be kept up-to-date with any e-newsletters or similar if you produce these.

Monitoring and reporting back?

If the grant offer is for two or more years, we will write to you a few weeks before a further instalment is due, asking for a monitoring report. Further instalments are discussed at Trustee meetings, and providing the report is satisfactory, the next instalment will then be made.

If the grant offer is for a single year (or at the end of a multiple-year grant) we ask that you provide a final report when the grant is spent. 

We will contact you, or if you wanted to report sooner, please email Gill to send you a link to our online reporting form. 

Reports should include a general overview of the organisation and people who have benefitted, information on how the grant has been spent, progress on the stated outcomes, plus your annual accounts.

At any point, iIf there have been significant changes or issues relating to the grant-spend because of the Coronavirus update or other happenings, please contact us, and we will aim to be as helpful as possible.  

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