How to Apply

Please read through all the sections in this part of the website and make sure you are eligible to apply. Your work will need to meet our aims, and benefit one (or more) of the unpopular causes we focus on. Check carefully that your organisation fits our criteria, and that your work does not come within the list of exclusions. If you feel your work would be of interest to us, please make an application to us.

Our February 2018 Trustees’ meeting is now closed for new applications.  Applications received now, before the early part of April, will be considered in the round leading up-to our June 2018 Trustees’ meeting.

Please get in touch with us if you have any queries, or specific questions about applying.  

For enquiries relating to Migrant communities, Offenders and ex-offenders, or Older people – please email

For enquiries relating to Asylum seekers and refugees, Gypsies and Travellers, People with mental health problems, or People experiencing violence or abuse – please email

For any other general queries, please email, or phone 01904 613223.

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