Hometruths operates as a cooperative, and provides direct services to survivors of domestic abuse.  Based in Swindon, it works closely with partner agencies to support people across Wiltshire, aiming to improve individual’s safety and reduce the risk of harm and homicide.  It provides one-to-one support, offers information and advocacy and runs groups including the Freedom programme.

Allen Lane’s recent grant is contributing towards costs of developing the Survivors of Stalking project.  It is for £10,000 over a two-year period.  The anticipation is that over the next year, the project will provide intensive and tailored support to more than 30 women who experience stalking and harassment.  It will also offer a peer support group and an online forum to create a supportive community network.  Outcomes of the work include a reduction of isolation, fear and anxiety for people affected by stalking; improved, structured and coordinated on-going safety; and the overall empowerment of survivors.