Dewsbury Memories

Dewsbury Memories was set up in early 2019, with the aim of providing support for people with dementia in the Dewsbury area of West Yorkshire.  It aims to set up a network of Memories Clubs which will meet on different days, in different places.  The Clubs offer social interaction and have a focus on sport, particularly rugby league, helping people to relive their younger days supporting their team etc. A pilot project run by the group showed that conversations held at these sessions have been really positive – they help develop links from people’s past to the present, re-awaken positive thoughts and feelings that otherwise might remain hidden.  The group will create a bank of resources such as sporting memorabilia and memory packs that can be used at the Clubs or by volunteers.

The Foundation has offered a grant of £3,000 towards running costs of Dewsbury Memories.  This will help to fund sessional costs to deliver the Clubs.  Intended outcomes are: kicking some of the problems of social isolation into touch; tackling some of the issues caused by memory loss illnesses; and creating a supportive team for families and carers.