Development Education in Dorset (DEED) 

DEED is a charitable company that works to tackle poverty, injustice and inequality and works with marginalised groups and local communities in Dorset. It runs training and educational workshops, and also specific project based around particular issues, such as around faith and ethnicity.

At the June 2020 meeting, Allen Lane offered funding of £6,000 that will contribute towards a project working with Gypsy Roma and Traveller (GRT) communities.  This will be run as a partnership project with two GRT organisations Kushi Bok and Life Changing Choices, as well as Dorset Race Equality Council. The project aims to increase understanding and cohesion between GRT and non-GRT communities through a series of activities, training, skills development and events.  Outcomes from the project include improved relations within communities; improved confidence and skills for GRT communities; and reduced isolation of, and discrimination against, GRT people locally.