More than Grandparents is a charity that, since 2017, has been operating in the North East, in areas such as Newcastle, Sunderland, Gateshead and Durham.  It works to support family members who step in to prevent children having to go into foster care or the adoption service when the parents are unable to look after them.  The charity delivers advice and support as well as various activities such as peer support, learning and engagement activities, specialist trauma support; groups and outings; and drop-in and outreach provision.  Around 250 individuals benefit on a weekly basis.

The Allen Lane Foundation has agreed funding at its February 2024 meeting of Trustees. The grant is for £8,000 given over a two-year period.  Funding is to help develop a youth project for young people in kinship care, and will include difference aspects such as life skills, cooker and baking, sporting activities and visits to places of interest. The aim is to offer opportunities for engagement and peer support in a safe place with other young people who share similar experiences.  Intended outcomes are that the young people will feel less isolated, have better support, and improved mental wellbeing.



Silkfutures (the new name for LAB 7) is an organisation that supports young people in accessing creativity, particularly those from marginalised communities.  It works in some of the most deprived areas in and around Cardiff, and supports around 150 young people each year. Silkfutures delivers various projects and creative workshops as well as tailored support for young people.

In February 2024, the Allen Lane Foundation offered funding of £3,000 towards the organisation’s project work, helping young people to access music, drama and art opportunities.  The grant will contribute towards salary and project delivery costs.  The project enables young people to develop their musical and social skills, in a safe space and improve their life options. It also gives them voice, which can empower them within their communities and amongst their peers.


You Can Flourish was set up in 2015 to respond to a growing number of local girls and young women suffering with low self-esteem and poor wellbeing.  It is based in Leamington Spa, with a reach across Warwickshire.  You Can Flourish helps girls and young women from all walks of life, who are dealing with anxiety, pressures, low self-esteem, and issues that are holding them back from being where they want to be. It offers a key early intervention service to support girls and young women before they reach a point of crisis.  This is provided through various services, one-to-one support as well as group programmes

At the Foundation’s October 2023 meeting, a grant of £4,000 was made towards the organisation’s work with girls who are unable to access school-based support.  The programme works with girls who often have high level complex needs, are more vulnerable to criminal or sexual exploitation, violence, or live in troubled/vulnerable families.  It operates as a mentoring programme, working on a one-to-one basis, and aims to support around 70 individuals over a year.  The programme offers a safe space and to helps the girls to explore their challenges and concerns, improve their confidence and work towards clear, healthy and positive goals.


Known locally as the CYDS Project, this charity is an open access drop-in centre for young people aged 8-25 years.  It works across a rurally isolated part of East Suffolk from its base in the town of Leiston.  The Project runs a series of afternoon sessions focussing on assisting NEET young people – these are open sessions in both Leiston and nearby Saxmundham.  Assistance is provided around helping the young people with preparing CVs, tips on telephone and interview techniques, applying for jobs, participating in volunteering or community activities, and helping them find more positive activities and experiences.  The Project also runs evening sessions offering a safe space for young people to meet in.

The request to the Foundation was for funding to restart a young parents and expectant mums group.  A number of young people had asked for these sessions and a dedicated group would bring a wide range of benefits to the young parents and their babies/children.  These include increased self-esteem, greater aspirations, better knowledge of services and more positive relationships with families. A grant of £2,000 was awarded in October 2023 towards this work.

Yellow House offers a safe environment where young people can be themselves and make positive friendships.  It operates as a charity, based in Liverpool, and is open daily.  Yellow House provides a range of support and services, pastoral care and guidance and works with families and young people.  It runs various workshops in the space, as well as community outreach projects where staff and volunteers visit both mainstream and special needs schools providing tailored programmes around bullying, inclusion, diversity and much more. Around 800 young people are supported each year, with approximately 40 attending the core group sessions several times each week.

At the Foundation’s June 2023 meeting, Trustees agreed a two year grant of £5,000 per annum.  This is a contribution towards the charity’s running costs. Over the period of the grant the charity aims to: raise awareness of mental health amongst young people within the wider community; give young people a safe space that they can come to build positive relationships and receive care and guidance; and provide all attendees a healthy nutritious meal.