Breathing Spaces

This is a not-for-profit organisation in Worthing, Sussex. It works with different groups and projects and uses gardening therapy to bring about positive benefits for participants. It has specialised in working with older people, and people with dementia, and runs regular gardening clubs for different groups in and around Worthing.

In June 2016, the Foundation awarded £7,200 towards Breathing Spaces, to enable it to expand its services and offer four new programmes of work. These include a ‘Friends of the Allotment’ group which will work with residents from a local social housing estate; plus three new weekly gardening sessions working with specific groups (refugees and asylum seekers; people with mental health issues; and women who are victims of domestic abuse). Over the next year or so, the expanded services will benefit more than 30 people – through improving self-esteem and increasing their feelings of belonging and positive connection with others.

Invisible Traffick GB

This is a relatively new organisation, based in West Yorkshire, which aims to help victims of human trafficking.  It works in partnership with other organisations to raise awareness of, and provide support to, people who have been trafficked.

The Foundation has made a two-year grant of £5,200 pa at the June 2016 meeting of Trustees.  The grant will contribute towards running costs of the organisation, including costs relating to running a House of Safety for victims.

Citizens Advice Bureau Fylde

This CAB is based in Kirkham in Lancashire and benefits people living in and around the Bor-ough of Fylde. It provides advice and information across a whole range of areas, similar to many other CABs across the UK.

In June 2016, Allen Lane made a grant of £7,075 towards developing new work around support-ing victims of domestic abuse – ‘The Rosemary Project’. The funding will allow for around half the budget of the project, and enable the Bureau to employ a dedicated caseworker, training, and related costs of the additional service. It is envisaged that around 25 people a year will receive complex casework support, and another 75 will benefit from additional help and support around issues with domestic abuse.

Tees Valley Women’s Centre

This women’s centre is in Southbank, on the outskirts of Middlesbrough.  It is a pioneering grass roots venture providing a one-stop-shop for women in a non threatening safe environment which helps to support the well being of local women and improve their quality of life.  To do this it offers one to one support, advice & guidance, training and education, employment opportunities, a drop in facility to help tackle social exclusion, and referral to outside agencies when necessary.

The Foundation has made a £5,000 grant towards the general running costs of the Centre in February 2016.  It will contribute towards providing assistance to more than 200 women.


SHE stands for Supporting, Healing and Educating.  The charity works across Nottinghamshire from an office in Mansfield, with weekly face-to-face services also available in Newark, Worksop and Nottingham.  SHE UK provides therapeutic and practical support to adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse and exploitation.  It aims to provide a comprehensive and holistic service to improve people’s emotional, physical, social and psychological health.

The Foundation has awarded three-year funding of £3,000 pa from February 2016.  The grant will contribute towards salaries of paid staff and enable the charity to have a sound base from which it can provide positive outcomes for survivors of abuse.

West Cumbria Domestic Violence Support

The overarching aim of this charity is to break the repeat cycle of domestic abuse in all its forms, and to help make positive changes in people’s well-being.  West Cumbria Domestic Violence Support works across a large rural area, and offers a range of services including the provision of advice, information, guidance as well as one-to-one and group support.

The Foundation has made a two-year grant of £3,000 pa from October 2015 – this is to contribute towards paying expenses for volunteers who help run the various services.



PHOEBE stands for Promotion of Health, Opportunity, Equality, Benevolence and Empowerment and it works across Suffolk from its centre in Ipswich.  The charity aims to promote greater inclusivity and address domestic violence within immigrant and refugee communities.  If offers specialist advice, information, casework, advocacy and support, and counselling services to more than 300 women each year.

Funding from the Foundation in October 2015 is going towards the costs of running peer support groups.  £3,000 has been awarded.  The intention is that the groups will offer women increased opportunities to develop friendships and build informal support networks.

Global Lifeline

Global Lifeline runs a refuge in the West Midlands for homeless and vulnerable women, particularly those who have been victims of domestic abuse. It anticipates helping around 25 women at Halfrida House this year. The aim of the refuge is to provide a safe haven, and whilst there, to transform the lives of the women and children who stay. Staff and volunteers work with the women to help them progress to a new life, settled independently in their own homes away from the abusive environment.

The Foundation gave a grant of £8,000 in October 2015 to support the general running costs of the refuge.

Cohort 4

This organisation aims to provide support for individuals involved in abusive situations who want to make a positive change for themselves; and to support and inform those who work with them. Based in Atherstone in the West Midlands, it offers specific projects as well as one-to-one assistance, aiming to help men, women and children to deal with domestic abusive both in terms of being victims/survivors, and perpetrators.

In June 2015, the Foundation offered a two-year grant totalling £4,278 towards a new support group specifically for women who are in, or who have survived, abusive relationships. The group ‘Slip & Stitch’ will incorporate dressmaking, knitting and garment-making and enable the women to learn new skills, the potential to sell their products and potentially set up a cooperative. It will also offer peer-support and aims to boost confidence and well-being.

Pandora Project

Pandora Project is a relatively new project in Kings Lynn, Norfolk. If offers support, advice and information to women who are, or have been, suffering domestic abuse. It aims to raise awareness of domestic abuse, enable women to (re)gain control of their lives, and enable families to live in safety. Pandora Project offers one-to-one support, legal advice and outreach work with local communities.

In February 2015 Allen Lane awarded £7,500 towards the salary of a project manager to enable the Project to develop. The worker aims to recruit, organise and supervise additional volunteers, liaise with agencies, develop and promote the service and support the administration of the work.