The No Accommodation Network operates nationally to bring together and support member groups which provide accommodation and other assistance for destitute and vulnerable asylum seekers and refugees. NACCOM aims to raise awareness of their plight through a collective voice and national and local campaigning work. Its vision is to end destitution amongst asylum seekers, refugees and migrants with no recourse to public funds.

In February 2015, the Foundation gave an £8,000 grant towards NACCOM’s general running costs. The aim is to provide some security to the organisation and enable it to move forward, extend the network and develop further.

This organisation is part of the national City of Sanctuary movement – the general ethos being to make towns and cities more friendly and hospitable to asylum seekers and refugees. Established in Manchester in 2013, it works to encourage local businesses, charities, employers and individuals to pledge their support and do something that makes the city more welcoming. The organisation also organises activities and helps refugees and asylum seekers with opportunities to access local events and activities run by others in the community.

A grant was made for £9,000 split over a three year period towards the general running costs of City Sanctuary Manchester in February 2015. This is contributing towards core costs of an office and a part-time coordinator salary to help the organisation to grow and develop.

A member-led charity, Crossings works across Newcastle.  It was set up in 2011 by a group of people involved in and/or working with asylum seekers and refugees, to provide opportunities and access to singing, learning and performing music.  Crossings operates as a community of people united by music, and offers a variety of weekly music-based activities.  These include a women and children’s choir, structured music lessons, band practice and a visual arts and crafts group.  It also runs workshops and a training programme in schools and in the local community which raise awareness and understanding about the lives of refugees and asylum seekers.

Funding from the Foundation in October 2014 went towards encouraging participation.  Specifically, a grant of £4,000 is contributing towards travel costs of members over a two-year period, to enable them to attend sessions.  It also covers some general costs including volunteer checks, refreshments etc.

WSSAG provides a safe, supporting and empowering environment for female asylum seekers and refugees in Cardiff.  It runs a fortnightly drop-in where women can meet, talk together, and offer support.  Members work together to seek solutions to their problems, overcome helplessness and isolation, tackle the trauma they have faced and turn their lives around.  The group campaigns on women’s asylum issues and is committed to empower refugee women to have control over their own lives, to have control of their own destiny and to advocate on their own behalf.

The Foundation awarded £2,000 pa for two years to the general running costs of this organisation in February 2014.