Entries by Gill Aconley

LGBT Lincs

LGBT Lincs is a constituted group which aims to provide support to parents who have children who identify as LGBTQ.  It is based in Lincolnshire and organises regular meetings for parents to meet up together with others in a similar situation, to share experiences and provide mutual support. The Foundation offered a grant of £886 […]

Invisible Traffick GB

This is a relatively new organisation, based in West Yorkshire, which aims to help victims of human trafficking.  It works in partnership with other organisations to raise awareness of, and provide support to, people who have been trafficked. The Foundation has made a two-year grant of £5,200 pa at the June 2016 meeting of Trustees.  […]

Citizens Advice Bureau Fylde

This CAB is based in Kirkham in Lancashire and benefits people living in and around the Bor-ough of Fylde. It provides advice and information across a whole range of areas, similar to many other CABs across the UK. In June 2016, Allen Lane made a grant of £7,075 towards developing new work around support-ing victims […]

New Family Social

New Family Social is the UK network for LGBT adoptive and foster families. It provides information and resources to prospective parents and supports those with new families. The charity works nationally from a base near Cambridge. In February 2016, New Family Social was awarded funding of £7,500 in a single grant towards the costs of […]

Hart Gables

Hart Gables works to promote equality and diversity, advance education, eliminate discrimination in relation to LGBT people, and raise awareness of LGBT issues. It provides information, advice, support, one-to-one and group sessions, a hate crime service and a drop-in for people in the Hartlepool area. The Foundation has offered two years’ funding totalling £4,800 towards […]

Music 24

Music24 uses music therapy to improve people’s health and well-being. It works with some of the most socially isolated and vulnerable groups in Luton, to encourage their creative abilities and increase their interaction with others, thus increasing their self-confidence and self-esteem. In February 2016, the Foundation’s Trustees awarded a grant of £5,922 which will fund […]

Beyond the Page

This not-for-profit company is based in Ramsgate in Kent and has an overall aim to contribute to a stronger, happier local community by breaking down barriers of language and cultural differences.  It focuses particularly on working with marginalised adults, and building women’s confidences and skills to become fully-engaged citizens in all aspects of community life. […]


Birmingham Community Hosting Network (known as BIRCH) works to relieve the destitution of asylum seekers in Birmingham, and promote community cohesion in the local area. It has created a network of community hosts and volunteers who offer safe accommodation in their homes, whilst also providing opportunities for people to form friendships and gain vital case-work […]

Doncaster Conversation Club

The Doncaster Conversation Club provides a welcome to new arrivals into Doncaster focussing on asylum seekers and refugees. It aims to provide a sanctuary where clients can escape loneliness and isolation.  For many who have experienced endemic corruption and brutality from the authorities in their homeland it tries to build bridges and grow the trust […]