Apply For Funding

Please look carefully at the Who we Fund area of this website, to check that you fit our remit, and are eligible to apply.

There is also an Eligibility section, and a Frequently Asked Questions page to help you decide if you should put in an application to us. Please check that your work does not fall under our Exclusions     

Our June 2018 Trustees’ meeting is now CLOSED for new applications.   Applications received now will be considered in the round leading up-to our October 2018 Trustees’ meeting.

If you are in doubt, or have any queries, do please email, or give us a call and we will help.

Email – for queries relating to:

  • Migrant communities
  • Offenders and ex-offenders
  • Older people

Email – for queries relating to

  • Asylum seekers & refugees
  • Gypsies & Travellers
  • People experiencing mental health problems
  • People experiencing violence or abuse

We do not have a formal application form You need to make a written application.  This should be no more than four sides of A4 and should address the questions below. 

  • What are your overall aims?
  • How do you try to achieve these aims?
  • How does your work –
    • Make a lasting difference to people’s lives rather than simply alleviating the symptoms or current problems
    • Reduce isolation, stigma and discrimination
    • Encourage or enable unpopular groups to share in the life of the whole community
  • Why is yours an unpopular cause or beneficiary group?
  • Could you tell us about the need for your work, and why you are the best people to do it?
  • What do you want our grant to pay for?
  • How much will the work cost?
  • Are you asking us to meet the whole cost?
  • What other sources of funding are you approaching?
  • What difference would this grant make to your work?
  • Please could you let us have two or three outcomes of the work you are applying for?
  • How will you know if the work is successful?
  • How will the work, and the way it is done, promote equal opportunities? If you do not think equal opportunities are relevant to your work please say why.

When sending your application, you should also enclose the following:

  • The completed Registration Form
  • A budget for the work which you are applying for
  • The budget for the whole organisation, showing all anticipated income as well as expenditure
  • Your most recent set of annual accounts
  • Your last annual report if you produce one

The application and accompanying documents should be either posted or emailed to our office. Please find the contact details here. If you have any queries about making an application you are encouraged to either phone or email the office for clarification. Applications are processed continuously. When we have received your application we will be in touch (usually within two weeks) to either:

  • Ask for any further information
  • Tell you if your application will be put forward to the next stage of assessment and give a timetable for a final decision
  • Tell you that we cannot help

Processing an application and making a grant usually takes between two and six months. If further information is needed this will be requested and a visit may be arranged where the application can be discussed in more detail. Our Trustees meet to discuss grant applications three times a year, generally in February, June and October.   

Our June 2018 Trustees’ meeting is now CLOSED for new applications.  Applications received now will be considered in the round leading up-to our October 2018 Trustees’ meeting.

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