This charity works in the rural parishes of Wembury, Brixton, Yealmpton, Newton & Noss and Holbeton which are situated around the River Yealm in South Devon.  It focuses its work on supporting families who have a family member diagnosed with or living with dementia, and also raises awareness of dementia in the wider community. Around 45 families are currently supported, alongside another 40 people attending community based groups and activities.

At the October 2022 meeting, Allen Lane Trustees agreed a grant of £5,000 over two years towards Dementia Friendly Parishes around the Yealm.  This funding is a contribution towards the general running costs of the charity.  Outcomes from the coming year are that the charity will aid the local area in becoming more dementia friendly; families will be helped to maintain quality of life when coping with a dementia diagnosis; and that it will work to improve alliances in the wider area.


Living Vital is a community gardening project based at Stanmer Park on the outskirts of Brighton. The organisation aims to improve mental and physical wellbeing through socialising and connection with nature. It offers the opportunity for people to learn about growing food sustainably, improving local biodiversity, nutrition, simple woodwork and bushcraft skills, and cookery and runs regular sessions with various groups in the community. Its main project is ‘Common Ground’ – an organic food growing community project benefitting around 60 individuals from the refugee and migrant community.

In October 2022, the Foundation made a grant for £5,000 to be split equally over a two-year period. The funding is to contribute towards general running costs of the Common Ground project. The project works in partnership with Voices in Exile, a refugee charity in Brighton that will refer individuals. Regular therapeutic gardening sessions will help to improve mental and physical health, boost confidence and reduce people’s isolation. It is also an opportunity for the refugee and migrant community to make new friends and connections in the local community.

This charity works to support refugees and asylum seekers across the Watford and Three Rivers area in the south west of Hertfordshire. It offers befriending and advocacy, helping people to navigate complicated UK systems and providing opportunities to access education and find legal employment. It helps individuals with any resettlement issues, and raises awareness of the challenges refugees and asylum seekers face, which helps to improve understanding and tolerance in the local community. ESOL classes are run, also fortnightly drop-ins, a weekly social hub, support with food parcels, clothing, laptops, school uniforms, etc and some social activities.

The Allen Lane Foundation agreed funding to contribute to the salary of a caseworker post – this was a grant totalling £9,000 to be split over two years from October 2022. The role will involve managing the more complex cases as well as managing the group of volunteers who carry out befriending and casework currently for clients. It is anticipated that the new position will result in a more effective, reliable and consistent source of support for refugees and asylum seekers.

Battle Scars is a Leeds-based charity running peer support services for people who are affected by self-harm. It is survivor-led, and aims to provide reliable, sensitive, compassionate and non-judgemental support; increase wider awareness and reduce the stigma surrounding self-harm; and help people develop healthier coping strategies for life’s challenges.

The Allen Lane Foundation made a grant to Battle Scars at the October 2022 meeting. £7,228 is helping to fund the new part-time Services Support role. The worker is supporting the increasing numbers of people who are accessing the services, and provide face-to-face, virtual and telephone support. Outcomes for the beneficiaries include a reduction in self-harming through introducing healthier coping strategies; increased confidence and self-awareness; and a reduction in feelings of shame.

This organisation works to promote and strengthen the voices of survivors of childhood sexual exploitation and abuse (CSE/A), dismantle stereotypes and stigma, and challenge the oppressive structures that allow abuse to thrive. It does this through delivering survivor-led training and consultancy to practitioners and organisations and engaging in activism. REIGN is based in Manchester but works UK wide. It provides skills development, employment, and peer support for survivors of CSE/A and focuses on collective self-empowerment. Eight members are trained to deliver training workshops and consultancy informed by their own lived experiences.

The Allen Lane Foundation agreed a grant of £4,500 to The REIGN Collective in October 2022. The grant will support salary costs at the organisation to allow for additional paid hours. Over the period, the anticipated outcomes include: improved service provision for victims of CSE/A; empowerment and increased self-confidence and skills development for survivors; and increased reach through more workshops and projects.

Melksham Free Dining was set up during the Covid pandemic, with the aim to bring people back together again after restrictions were lifted. The organisation is focussing its work on elderly, vulnerable and lonely people who are otherwise socially isolated. It offers a free two-course nutritious lunch, followed by social activities and support by volunteers. It takes place in a community hall in Melksham, a small town in Wiltshire with 42 people currently benefitting.

In October 2022 a grant of £4,000 split over two years was agreed. The Foundation’s funding will go towards general running costs of the weekly provision. Anticipated outcomes are that the organisation will continue supporting over 40 people each week with a healthy meal, emotional support and companionship.

Resonate operates in East Sussex, providing a variety of projects to support well-being through collaborative music making in community and mental health settings. They also provide a range of training and mentoring opportunities for Community Music practitioners. Resonate’s flagship music project is run at the Hellingly Centre, a forensic mental health facility near Hailsham. The centre supports adults living with acute mental health difficulties who have become involved in the criminal justice system.

At the October 2022 meeting, Allen Lane Trustees agreed a grant of £4,876, split over a two-year period. Funding will support the well-being of Hellingly Centre residents by helping Resonate to provide one-to-one and group music sessions that are carefully tailored around the interests and needs of those taking part. It will help to establish a women’s ward community choir and enable training for NHS staff to support music making at the centre.  Music produced by participants of the project will be showcased in celebration events at the centre, on community radio and via social media. Around 12 residents at the centre will be supported to participate in the music programme each week.

Anticipated outcomes include participants having increased feelings of connectedness and well-being; increased self-worth; and for participants to benefit through experiencing song writing and music making as a creative outlet.

Brighton Yoga Foundation’s primary focus is ‘to bring the scientifically proven physical, mental and social benefits of yoga to those who for whatever reason do not have access to it or think that it’s not for them’. The charity provides a wide range of therapeutic yoga programmes and outreach work to the local communities, with client groups including people with physical and mental health issues, elderly people, people affected by trauma, homeless people, women escaping abusive relationships, and vulnerable adults.

At the October 2022 meeting, Allen Lane Foundation trustees agreed a grant of £4,020. This is to fund a project working with in-patients at Mill View Hospital, a mental health hospital in Brighton. This follows a pilot programme that was very well received with reports from patients that their anxiety and depression levels had improved. The yoga programme offers therapeutic yoga in both group sessions and on a one-to-one basis. Anticipated outcomes are that patients will benefit from the routine of attending a regular session that is safe, therapeutic and specific to their needs; and that both their physical and mental wellbeing will be improved through the calming and gentle yoga practice.